Ministry News Report From the Trenches - Avalanches Unleashed!

13 Oct 2017 12:18 PM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

This is Denise Jordan, reporting to you live from the ministry trenches over here in Benoni, South Africa. Wow - I am speechless at what God has been doing here since Apostles Craig and Colette Toach set foot on African soil in September.

I have a lot to share with you though, so let me get over being speechless and tell you what God has been up to. The best way I can describe what has taken place here, is the picture of an avalanche! 

The Avalanche Unleashed - The Fruit of Your Investment

Have you ever seen an avalanche in action? It starts out with just a small amount of snow getting loose and rolling down a mountain, and it ends up to be a powerful, destructive force! This is what God is busy doing to the kingdom of darkness over here in Africa.

I want you to realize that without you, this avalanche would never even gone off. You have invested your time, heart, prayers and finances into what God is doing here through AMI, and I want you to see the fruit of your investment. 

From healing broken hearts and bringing rest to much striving while Apostles Craig and Colette were ministering in Namibia, to challenging the apostolic leaders in South Africa to pay the price, God has not left anything untouched.

Apostle Colette's challenging message on being Called, Set A Part and Commissioned as leaders this past Saturday at an AMI meeting, put the cherry on top! If you want to get a live taste of that, check out the live stream recording on our facebook page at:

Leaders have been called to accountability and a new season has been decreed over the land here. A new day is dawning for the Church in Africa.


An Invitation to Put Dynamite to More Avalanches

It's now time for us to build upon the ground that was broken and the change that has started. In the spirit the snow is falling wildly!

You know what they used to do up in the mountains in Switzerland, where I grew up when the snow fell heavily? 

They would send helicopters up high into the mountains where potential avalanches would go off, and they actually put dynamite to those hot spots so that the avalanches would go off in a controlled manner. 

This allowed the mountain rangers to know exactly what needed to be done. Instead of waiting for nature to take its course, they could be very deliberate in how they wanted the avalanches to go.

This is what I see God is asking us to do here now. An avalanche started. The snow is falling heavily and God is moving. We now need to get involved with the leaders we connected with, and we need to take dynamite to the kingdom of darkness and cause more avalanches.

Apostles Philip and Anja Sager, the Resident Apostles of the work here in South Africa, are making plans to expand the live training schools and also to host many more workshops in local churches.

So I want to invite you to join hands with us. Will you help us set dynamite to the mountains and start more avalanches?

If you want to join us, we crave your prayers, and we ask for your financial support. Going out there into the churches requires finances - you know how it is, you are a leader. Fire, passion, direction and love are key, but financial means are necessary. 

So if God puts it on your heart to give a love gift, know that it will go straight to supporting the teams that are sent to extend the move of God all over the world.

We appreciate your continual support and want you to know that you are changing the Church with every bit of love that you pour out.

I will be sure to report to you regularly as to what the Lord is doing. For now though, I need to get back to making sure those avalanches reach their target.

I have added some pictures to this newsletter so that you may see a bit more clearly just exactly what mighty move of God you are a part of.

Until next time, be very blessed!

In His Love,

Denise Jordan
Apostle and Team Member
Global Ministry Resources


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