Your Gifts for October!

6 Oct 2017 11:49 AM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

Your GIFTS for October!

It's a NEW month! That means you get a new and exclusive teaching, as a gift from Apostles Craig and Colette!

They LOVE pouring out to those who appreciate GOOD and hearty teaching and that support us financially. So, they asked me to let you know that for the month of October, they would like to gift you with TWO teachings on a topic that is very dear to their hearts - Spiritual Parenting.

No matter where they go in the world, one thing remains true - there is a cry and a groaning all over the world, for the heart of a Father. This new generation is in need of real parents who would take them under their wing and pour into them, what they need for their calling. The anointing is transferred easily and the gifts of the spirit are quickly gained, but the foundation that a mother and a father lays in the heart of a mighty warrior, is a commodity that is not readily available... until now.

God is raising up Spiritual Parents for this new generation of warrior. Perhaps you feel the tug in your heart, as God brings you more sheep? Perhaps you are an orphan looking for spiritual parents? Know that you are part of this movement and the reason for the restoration of spiritual parenting.

The Two Teachings you Will Receive Are:

1. Spiritual Parenting Vs. Mentorship (MP3 Download)

There is a line between the two - discover the difference between mentor and spiritual parent. Smash your ideas of what it means to do both and gain a new perspective. PLUS - Spiritual Children vs. Apostolic Children: Identify who's who!

2. Restoration of Spiritual Parenting - Lesson 03 of the Apostolic Mandate Course (YouTube Video)

What spiritual parenting looks like and the purpose God has for it. Is God calling you to be a spiritual parent? Discover the price that you will pay and the rewards that come afterwards.

What I know about my parents is that there is ONE title that they boast in, above the rest… that is the title of "Mom" and "Dad." As you listen and watch, may you pick up the anointing that flows through them, and start pouring it out on to those the Lord brings your way.

How to GET your TWO gifts:

To receive these two teachings, simply give a love gift (this month), of the amount you decide in your heart. When your love gift goes through, you will receive an instant email, with the links to BOTH of the teachings above.

***If you are already giving monthly, you can simply wait until your recurring payment goes through. Once it goes through, you will receive both teachings in your email, right away.

Something EXTRA Special:

For those that give $50 or above, the Apostles want to give you something extra special, in addition to the two teachings above. Apostle Colette has recently finished her new book, The Staff of Moses. We have not officially launched it yet, so you would be one of the first to get your hands on it. This is a book about the apostolic type that gets the pattern and the price that he pays. Not for the faint of heart, this is a GIFT with a priceless value. We've updated the title from Moses Mandate to The Staff of Moses, but the content is exactly the same.

U.S. Residents: For all who give $50 or above, we will ship you the The Staff of Moses to your home.

Non U.S. Residents: For all who give $50 or above, we will send you the E-book of The Staff of Moses. This is because we would not be able to cover the international shipping fees.

What Next:

There is only one thing left to do! To give your love gift and start listening and watching now, click here to give ONCE:

OR click here to give monthly:

If you would rather call in to give your love gift, we will be delighted to hear from you. The GMR team is happy to help you at 760 466 7256 (9 am - 5 pm, PST, Monday - Friday).

With Love and Blessings,

Nathan and Chaifa Berry
Resident Apostles
Global Ministry Resources



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