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31 Jul 2017 12:15 AM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

I know that the Holy Spirit hooked us up! You have a fire to do something REAL in the Body of Christ and together we are crazy enough to think that we can actually be a part of this incredible apostolic movement that the Lord is releasing on the Church.

With that being said, Craig and I want to give you a caffeine boost for your ministry right now! I know that none of you expect anything in return when you give to us. I also know how much it COSTS YOU to invest. So we want to share what we can with you as well!

So this month, we are going to be INVESTING INTO YOUR CALLING! We put together 5 meaty classes to give you the spiritual boost you need right now in your ministry.

There is nothing more frustrating than hitting a plateau or asking the Lord "WHERE TO NOW!" So for everyone that invests into the work this month, we will be emailing you the links for all 5 classes.

Perhaps by now you are beginning to understand why we called our partnership program Global Ministry Resources. Take three guesses what the vision is about... :) You got it! This is not just a way to support ministers in the work, but also to give YOU what you need for your calling and ministry.

We know what it means to walk the road alone. We know the rejection you face when you do something different. Above all, we really do know the spiritual warfare you face when you try to step out and just do what God told you to do.

So please let us help! Please let us bless you back, ok?

For those who give monthly, simply wait for your love gift to go through and you will automatically be sent the links for these classes. For those that give as the Holy Spirit leads, you are welcome to invest any time you feel led and we will send you the links.

The Secret Mission

NOW - before I leave you - just one more "behind the scenes info." ALL LOVE GIFTS will be invested right back into something very dear to our hearts.

Craig and I will be going on our next missions trip to Africa in a month and a half. Our next visit will be to Namibia - a trip we have been planning for a year now. We are heading into some spiritual darkness, to bring the light of the knowledge of God, in the face of Jesus Christ!

Spiritually, Namibia is currently under attack from A LOT OF false prophets. They are flooding the churches with a message where members are manipulated to giving finances. Where members are taught that God will not heal them unless they give or unless they partake in certain rituals that are completely demonic.

The sad truth is that these children of God are SO HUNGRY for just a word from Jesus, that they take it. They are so desperate for just a drop of spiritual water, that they will even drink contaminated rivers to get a taste of Him. So we are going with a clear mission.

We are going to teach them to hear God for themselves. We are going to show and teach them how they can draw from the rivers of living water right inside their own spirits. They do NOT need to run to the nearest prophet for "a word." They do NOT need to eat snakes or drink poison to "get healed." Jesus stands right there with His arms outstretched to His people and we are praying with all our hearts, that the Holy Spirit will empower us to open their eyes and bring them into a face to face relationship with Jesus.

So please guys - we covet your prayers. We covet your support. As we step out with our team, your backing means the world to us. When we go, I feel like we have a spiritual army behind us, preparing the way in prayer and breaking the back of satan in this region.

As always, we will be keeping you posted. This is just a bit of what you are a part of and we want you to know that every cent you send, will be for us like the loaves and the fishes that Jesus could multiply for the needs of the multitude. 

I could go on with what burns in my heart here. When I feel the heart of Jesus for His people, I am crushed in my spirit, to see them lost, broken and led astray. We burn to do something about it. To go where God sends us. So thank you. Thank you for being a part and thank you for sharing our fire.

With Much Love and Blessing

Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Spiritual Parents
On behalf of Global Ministry Resources

P.S. Here is the list of classes that we are investing into you this month. We will be reaching out to you again soon to see if you have any questions and please, do not forget that you can call in any time to share, get direction or simply a word of encouragement ok?

We have a phone line for PARTNERS ONLY! So please take advantage of this and get the resources you need to play your part in the Kingdom. Our phone number is: +1 (760)-466-7256 (9am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday, PST)

Spiritual Caffeine Boost Classes:

Class 1: The DNA of Man - Breaking Temperaments Down

Class 2: The Teaching Anointing

Class 3: Prophecy, Decree, and Spiritual Birthing

Class 4: The Rules of Leading Worship

Class 5: Spiritual Warfare - The Rules of Engagement

To give your love gift and receive the links to the 5 classes, give here:

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