13 Jun 2017 1:33 PM | Chaifa Berry (Administrator)

Today, I am writing this note to you from Baja California, Mexico. In just 4 days, our eldest daughter, Deborah-Anne, is getting married and before things get even crazier, we wanted to touch base with you quick with some VERY EXCITING news!

We have booked the flights for Philip and Anja Sager, and their two little boys! YES! The work in South Africa is about to explode and with the tickets in hand, they will leave shortly after the wedding. The Lord is already opening up doors there!

In fact, at the end of September we will be having a seminar in Namibia. Now what is amazing about this trip is that although the Sagers are from Switzerland, Anja's great-great-grandfather was a missionary to Namibia. In fact, he did such a big work there that the villagers in the region he ministered to erected a statue of him. Can you imagine how these people feel - after all these years - that his great-great-granddaughter is following in his footsteps?

When we made these plans for Africa, we had no idea about this fact, but it really got me thinking about something. You know we always look at generational curses and the bondages that are passed on. But then I am reminded that the blessing of the Lord is for a thousand generations! His blessing is stronger than any work of the enemy! So the steps we are walking right now - the steps YOU ARE PART OF - are so clearly lead of the Lord.

To say that Craig and I are excited about the steps ahead is an understatement, but I do want to say this - we feel your support and it means the world to us. When we step into the unknown like this, feeling your love and support gives us so much strength.

So thank you so much guys. Thank you for pouring in your finances to help drive this vision forward. Thank you for your prayers that have put the wind beneath our wings. Most of all though, thank you for your love, because this is the greatest treasure of all we that receive from you.

Now before I go and run around with more wedding preparations, I wanted to say that I will be posting pictures on my personal Facebook page, if you want to be up to date on our crazy week here in Mexico. Our ministry team is from all over the place and although it is a wedding, it is very much an A.M.I. Event with a lot of laughter and the Lord in the center of it.

So join us on Facebook and follow the fun! - https://www.facebook.com/ColetteToach

Love you guys so much and we pray you have an amazing week! 

Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Spiritual Parents

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