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  • 18 Oct 2016 6:56 PM
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    Craig Toach (Administrator)

    One thing that Europe does not lack in, is its rich history.

    In our last trip, to Switzerland, I had exactly such an experience. Coming from South Africa and learning European history in school, it never really had an impact, because it was all the way "over there!"

    As an adult and now seeing these places for myself, I am left in awe.

    I mean when you walk on a site that started about 300BC, you cannot help, but be amazed that it still stands.

    Yet, the one that really blew me away, was the Medieval Castle of Chillon, near Geneva.

    The castle that stood before me in all its glory, was constructed in the 1500s. It was built in the lake of Geneva and had the drawbridge like you would expect from this type of castle. It was not hard to imagine the knights riding in, as they returned from their quests.

    If that was not amazing enough, there was more to this!

    You see, the foundation was the real treasure in all of this. I found out that this foundation was built in the 1100's, by the Romans who used this site as a fort to keep the road through the Alps free and safe (the mind boggles at how they even got that right, without modern construction equipment and processes).

    Although political changes had come, wars had raged all around it and natural disasters had challenged it. The foundation stood firm. The structure on it, however, had not fared so well.

    As I looked at the Spiritual aspect of this, The Lord showed me such a beautiful picture of how it is for our spiritual condition.

    The foundation we have needs to be complete and solid to stand whatever comes our way. The Lord being the solid rock and the word the reinforcement beams that keep it strong.

    Proverbs 10:25 As the whirlwind passes, so [is] the wicked no [more]: but the righteous [is] an everlasting foundation. Anything not pure in the mix, will only weaken the foundation and cause it to crack and fail the building later on, an unseen time bomb, waiting to run its course.

    The Lord showed me that this time bomb, is all the things we put into our foundation that are not of Him. All our hurts, rejections, bitterness's and fears from life's experiences are what we hold onto, like the very word of God. It has formed you into who you are today.

    Yet there is good news, the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train, but the Lord Jesus Himself, ready to reach in and take these flaws away. By simple inner healing, you can fix these problems and strengthen your foundation in a whole new way.

    As for the structure.. Well that is what we believe and the seasons of your life the Lord takes you through. I would hope that at this part of you spiritual walk, that you are being tested continually and refined as gold. This is not to take away, but rather to strengthen what is gold and make place for more!

    A Roman fort was great for its day, but how would it have done against cannons or even tanks? One word comes to mind... Matchsticks!

    Yet by removing and rebuilding, the foundation was ready for the next stage and season of its life.

    This was something the Lord challenged me afresh on. We get so use to doing the work and the calling, but do we continue to challenge ourselves to be ready for the next season in our walk? Or does it have to come upon us, and then we have to quickly try and catch-up?

    We get comfortable in where we are and what we do, that we forget to push on towards the mark.

    Like the scripture says in John 15:2, "every branch in me that does not bear fruit he removes: and every one that bears fruit, he prunes it, so that it may bring forth more fruit.╜" Have you been pruned lately?

    You have this to rejoice in, because the Lord sees in you something good and is preparing you for the next season.

    If not, then find out where you got off track and go back there! You will be surprised how quickly you can get going again and this time embrace the tests and pruning and continue into victory.

    Let's take this land together and be the spiritual mighty men and woman the Lord needs us to be, buff and ready for war. Let's set the enemy to flight just at the very appearance of us coming, with our insignia shining in the sun.

    We are in for some exciting times and I am proud to have you along side Colette and I in all of this!

    Much love and blessing,

    Craig Toach

    Apostle and Spiritual Father

    Apostolic Movement International

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