Harvest Time Seminar in St. Maarten

  • 18 Oct 2016 6:42 PM
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    Craig Toach (Administrator)

    Today it started raining here in San Diego and I am reminded how the season is quickly changing. The year is coming to a close and I wonder what the Lord will do in these few short months.

    In a week, Craig and I, along with Nathan and Chaifa Berry will be ministering in St Maartin and when I look at 2016, I see how much God has done and how many places He sent us to just this year!

    I look back through time at a 13 year old child who was given a promise from the Lord. The Lord said He would use me to extend His Kingdom. That I would go to places I had never seen. I grew up in poverty, in South Africa, wondering how I could ever bring any change to anyone!

    I was insecure, on the wrong side of town, with no connections. I had nothing but this naive conviction that God wanted me to do something for Him. I look back and see a string of promises and events that God brought to pass. I was naive enough back then to believe God could do it. I am naive enough today to believe He will take us and our ministry even further.

    You see, the Lord does not need your great skills. He does not need your anointing or gifts. He just needs you to be naive enough to believe that He will do just as He said. He needs you to be that child who looks up into the eyes of her daddy and says, "Ok! If that is what you say, then I will do it."

    What promises has the Lord given to you? Are you naive enough to just trust Him blindly, even though you feel so ill-equipped to the task? The Lord called you from your mother's womb when you had absolutely nothing to offer Him - imagine how much more He can do with you now.

    You just need to trust your Father that is all. It's a choice. Come to peace. Stand in faith and trust Him for the impossible today!

    Love and blessings,

    Colette Toach

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